Lines of Effort for The $PAST Project

3 min readMar 27, 2022


The following is an overview of The Past Project’s accomplishments, current priorities and future plans. The details of which are intended to give you a behind the scenes look at where the team is focusing their energy. The details of this post should not be confused with a “roadmap” however. This is simply a transparent effort on behalf of the team to inform the PASTRONAUT community!

This overview is given in three sections; Accomplished, Current Priorities and Future Plans. Each section has Priorities (Bolded) followed by bullets with how it was accomplished, or where focus was/is being placed.

Items outlined below are subject to change based on market conditions and team strategy.

Section One: Accomplished

Stealth Launch

  • Smooth, issue-free contract deployment
  • Contract was rigorously evaluated during three rounds of internal auditing
  • Timeline for launch was not shared beyond the development team
  • Massive thank you to the $GRIM holders for helping with LP drainage

Project Deliverables

  • Website, Whitepaper and TPP Graphics/Visuals
  • Every deliverable was built from scratch
  • Emphasis on having market-leading products at the forefront of TPP
  • Etherscan Verification
  • DEXTools Verification

Marketing (Post-Launch)

  • Initially focused on Crypto Twitter and Telegram
  • Crypto callers and influencers who the team felt were great representations of TPP were brought on with an effort to drive engagement and visibility
  • This has helped us establish a nearly 2M (USD) Market Cap with nearly 600 holders of $PAST tokens

Tapping into Broader Markets

  • Establishing an organic YouTube presence for TPP
  • Posting AMAs and VCs with TPP Leadership to spread awareness
  • Establishing a Medium Blog for periodic updates

Section Two: Current Priorities

Grimutants NFT Reveal and Staking DApp

  • We are looking at a hard deadline of mid-April for everything to be live
  • Once live, staking will be available immediately
  • There are still plans for a reveal party and following up on remaining giveaways

CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG) Listings

  • CMC application has been submitted with a reference code of 431200
  • CG application has been submitted, standing by for an update

Centralized Exchange (CEX) Listings

  • Finalizing agreements with two CEXs
  • In an effort to maintain consistent volume for $PAST, we plan on executing the listings at separate times

Onboarding Memory Treasury Ambassadors

  • This is a pivotal step where the leadership will engage with their social networks and bring on talented artists, entertainers, athletes, actors, etc. to TPP and begin partnering with us and our initiatives


  • CEX listings will be well supported endeavors
  • We plan to coordinate social media engagement and maximize visibility during these times via all avenues
  • Partnering with a YouTube & TikTok Influencer with over 750k subscribers
  • DEXTools Trending
  • Leveraging the Google search algorithm
  • Expanding our presence onto Reddit, Instagram and Facebook
  • Co-hosted/Collaborative Twitter Spaces
  • Celebrity and Influencer Cameos
  • Showing a Presence at Relevant Cultural Events
  • Partnering with Projects in the Crypto Space with Aligned Values
  • Building out our international communities (TG, social media, etc.)
  • This is important as we seek to leverage the strength of international crypto markets, especially those who can share in the vision of TPP

Section Three: Future Plans

Building Out The Memory Treasury

  • Working with ambassadors to mint their memories as part of the $PAST ecosystem
  • The true beauty of this project will flourish when the ambassadors begin engaging with their creative roots and tokenize their accomplishments on the blockchain

Minting Memories

  • We will host both digital and real-world events where TPP ambassadors and community members will be able to engage with one another and cherish the minted memories
  • Our goal as a project is to leverage blockchain technology (minting memories in The Memory Treasury) to give power back to the artists and people who created art or who lived events in the first place
  • Minting Memory Photo Booth
  • Building technology that could be installed and leveraged at sporting events, concerts, or other large crowd environments where people can utilize a real-world token such as a wristband to claim tokenized memories of the event they attended

PASTRONAUT Watch Parties

  • This is an opportunity for TPP community to engage with those entertainers, artists, etc. who molded our collective memories and relive some of those moments with them through watching nostalgic movies, shows, music, you name it!


  • We have plans to develop nostalgic P2E versions of our community’s favorite video and board games
  • Integratable with our NFT collections

Real-world, Tangible Assets

  • Connecting nostalgia-oriented physical assets to the blockchain using NFTs and NFCs




“THE PAST PROJECT connects our most nostalgic memories with contemporary blockchain technology.”